The Legacy: Final Fantasy 1 Tribute Album


30 years ago in the islands of Japan an extraordinary video game was released. This single Famicom cartridge was the last hope for success of a small video game company known as Square. Within months of its release, this game revolutionized the RPG genre with its massive success. This game is known as Final Fantasy.

The past year has been really amazing. I've gotten much better at music, and if you're subscribed to the YouTube channel you'll have noticed not only more consistent videos, but also of a much higher quality than those compared to last year. I've completely redesigned out logo and official artwork to make it really cool looking. This year I played and fell in love with the Mega Man, Earthbound, and Pokemon series; so you'll also notice those around the site. Last, and probably least, I've also created author profiles and social media buttons. I doubt anyone really cares about any of what I just said, but I'm proud of it and terrible at these formal celebrations.

By far the most important thing this year, deserving it's own paragraph, is the addition of the first new full time member of ZeldaRocks: my friend Nick! She is honestly one of the most awesome people I know. She plays trombone and flute (learning piano), tutors writing, is super smart (an actual fact), plays only super cool video games like Earthbound and Pokemon, and has a Twitter handle of @the16bitnerd. What else could you need? Being the first new full time member, she writes for the website and does all sorts of cool music videos. Everyone give her a huge round of applause!!!

Now for the big announcement I teased: my first album. Presenting "The 90's: Now You're Playing With Power!". The album will feature 10 tracks, one for each year of the 90's, that are super-cool (and long) rocking medleys of video game songs from that year. I plan to have the first track (1990 - Playing with Power) finished in a few weeks, and the second one (1991 - The Start of Something Super) will follow shortly. For a sample you can check out the anniversary video I mentioned above, but other than that you'll just have to be content with the epic album cover.

There, I'm finally done talking about anniversary stuff. Thanks to everyone who has been following this website and YouTube channel for the past two years! I must say I'm really excited by all the upcoming projects (what, you thought the album was enough?), and I'm sure you guys will love them. Well, until next year! To use Stan Lee's catchphrase of Latin origin... Excelsior!

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I'm the guy who programmed this whole website from scratch and I'm responsible for most of the content you see here (including these cool author profiles!). I've been a huge fan of Nintendo since I picked up my first NES controller when I was 3. When I'm not writing articles or filming a new video, I enjoy playing and composing music, reading, math, art, and computer programming.

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