Gravity Beetle Cover

Xander's cover of Gravity Beetle from Mega Man X3, plus a cover of X-Hunter stage 1 from X2 at the end (featuring Xander's dogs).

Crocodile Cacophony Cover

Xander's cover of Crocodile Cacophony (Kaptain K. Rool's Theme) from Donkey Kong Country 2 performed on guitar and keyboard, plus a "Flight of the Zinger" short at the end!

Home (Undertale)/Ness's House Cover

Xander and Nick's duet arrangement of Home from Undertale and Ness's House (Home Sweet Home) from Earthbound.

Eight Melodies (Earthbound Beginnings/Mother) Cover

Xander's cover of the Eight Melodies from Earthbound Beginnings/Mother performed on piano and acoustic guitar; plus a metal Mt. Itoi cover at the end.

Hyrule Market Theme Cover

A new cover by Xander of the Hyrule Market Theme from Ocarina of Time performed on piano and acoustic guitar.

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