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As I've previously mentioned, one of the reasons I love Legend of Zelda series games is because of all of the interesting trivia and easter eggs. Here is some of the most interesting trivia I've learned about The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Mario Portraits

In several of the houses in both Kakariko Village and the Village of Outcasts, portraits can be found which occasionally drop rupees when pulled. These portraits are all of Mario.

Chain Chomps

Another Mario series reference, Chain Chomps appear as enemies in the Turtle Rock dungeon. This trend was later carried to Link's Awakening where many other Mario enemies like Goombas and Piranha Plants also appear.

Cucoo Lady

One very famous feature of A Link to the Past is that if you corner a Cucoo (Chicken) and attack it for a while, a giant flock of Cucoos will fly across the screen and attack you for a few seconds. In one of the houses in Kakariko Village, you can find a Cucoo under a pot. If you sprinkle magic powder (it's a secret item) on the Cucoo it turns into a woman and says: "Cluck cluck... What?! You turned me into a human. I can even speak! Aha, it must be you who is always teasing my friends. The Weathercock is always watching you harass them. Well, this human shape is uncomfortable for me. Ahhh, I want to be a chicken again! Cluck cluck...". This reveals that the weathercock in the village (later revealed to be alive) is the one who sends the flock of Cucoos to attack you.

Chris Houlihan Room

In 1990, Nintendo Power hosted a contest where you had to take a picture of yourself fighting the elusive superboss Warmech from Final Fantasy. The prize was to get your name in a future Nintendo video game. A guy named Chris Houlihan won, and his name is hidden in A Link to the Past. His name was originally going to be on a tile in a room filled with blue rupees. However, the entrance to the room was removed and it was instead used as a debug room. The only way to access the room is to enter a hole in an unconventional way such as blowing yourself in with a bomb, causing the game to load the Houlihan room. This also led to confusion among some players because it will rarely happen when entering the hole in the Pyramid of Power to fight Ganon.

The M. C. Hammer

In the original Japanese version of the game, the Magic Hammer is called the M C Hammer. This is thought to be named after the famous musician Stanley Burrell, known as M.C. Hammer.

Ocarina of Time Medallions Design

On Death Mountain, the area around the first warp tile looks similar to the Light and Shadow Medallions from Ocarina of Time. After you step on the tile, the corresponding Dark World area looks similar to the Water Medallion.

What did you think of the trivia? Was there one I didn't mention that you found interesting? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Zelda_Rocks.

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