Donkey Kong Country 3 Cheat Codes


In the SNES game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble, there are a variety of cheat codes. To enter one of the following codes, highlight a file on the file select screen and press L R R L R R L R L R. You will then be able to enter a cheat the same way you would enter your name. Also, all of the cheats except LIVES will have a permanent effect if entered before starting a new game.

ASAVE - Automatically saves your game whenever you beat a level. If you enter this before a new game, you are called a Cheatin' Chump on the results screen at the end of the game.

COLOR - Changes Dixie's clothes, bubble gum, and level flags to purple and Kiddy's clothes and level flags to green.

ERASE - Erases all time records.

HARDR - Removes 29 of the games DK barrels and awards you 104% upon completion of the game instead of 103%. Will only work if entered before a new game.

LIVES - Grants you 50 lives. If you enter this before a new game, you are called a Cheatin' Chump on the results screen at the end of the game.

MERRY - Replaces the bonus room theme with a Christmas one, changes the stars in bonus rooms to ornaments, and changes the green bananas in bonus rooms into presents.

MUSIC - Brings you to a sound test mode

TUFST - If entered before when loading a saved game, all star barrels are replaced with banana bunches. If used before starting a new game, along with the star barrels being gone, all of the DK barrels except four are removed, and completion of the game awards you 105% instead of 103%.

WATER - Allows you to swim into the waterfall in the area left of Bazaar's General Store. There you enter an area similar to a banana bird cave, completion of which gives you all of the bonus coins.

Left: Dixie and Kiddy with swapped palates due to the COLOR cheat.

Right: A bonus room with the stars replaced with ornaments because of the MERRY cheat.

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