How to Play the Mega Man Soundtrack


After the completion of my Mega Man Piano Playthrough, I had MIDI files left over for every single song on the Mega Man soundtrack. I decided to touch up and release those MIDIs on the internet so that everyone can learn these amazing songs. You can click to download the MIDIs below, or watch a video from the Synthesia playlist. Have fun!

Mega Man Stage Select MIDI

Mega Man Stage Selected (Stage Start) MIDI

Mega Man Guts Man MIDI

Mega Man Boss MIDI

Mega Man Victory MIDI

Mega Man Cut Man MIDI

Mega Man Elec Man MIDI

Mega Man Ice Man MIDI

Mega Man Fire Man MIDI

Mega Man Bomb Man MIDI

Mega Man Dr. Wily Stages 1 & 2 MIDI

Mega Man Dr. Wily Stage Boss MIDI

Mega Man Dr. Wily Stages 3 & 4 MIDI

Mega Man Victory over Wily MIDI

Mega Man Ending MIDI

Mega Man Game Over MIDI

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