The Legacy: Final Fantasy 1 Tribute Album


30 years ago in the islands of Japan an extraordinary video game was released. This single Famicom cartridge was the last hope for success of a small video game company known as Square. Within months of its release, this game revolutionized the RPG genre with its massive success. This game is known as Final Fantasy.

To celebrate this special game and the legacy it spawned, the video game cover group known as Pixel Mixers has released a fittingly titled album covering the entire soundtrack. From the classic title and battle themes to extra songs like the final boss theme that are only present in remakes, "The Legacy" has them all in a variety of musical styles. For a small sampling of this great music, why don't you watch the trailer below?

If this sounds interesting and/or awesome, then you can download the album right here. It's free, so what've you got to lose? If you're still not convinced (or just like reading lists), here are some of my personal favorites, for which alone it's worth downloading the album.

Opening Theme (Massive Collab, Arranged by Toxodentrail): Simply breathtaking. Over 20 different instruments are featured here from a multitude of musicians, including a few notes of accordion from yours truly. Without a doubt one of the greatest video game covers I've ever heard.

The Prelude (Massive Collab, Arranged by Hashel05): It was really amazing here to say such a short and simple song like "Prelude" developed into this massive cover. Lots of great variety here, with some especially beautiful saxophone and guitar solos in the mix.

Undersea Shrine (Orchestral Fantasy/Psycosulu/Omabroodje): Really love the variety of strings here, and they work perfectly in combination with the synth keyboard. It gives it a rather sad, almost hopeless feeling, which fits the song perfectly.

Temple of Chaos (Dann Link/Crystal Dennis/Christian Richardson): This one starts off slow with some light flute, choir, and harp, but soon reveals its true nature as an epic metal ballad! The lyrics about halfway through are a pleasant surprise, and the guitar work is simply exquisite.

Ending (DT Majesty/Orchestral Fantasy/Jnsk/Team Friesen/VideoGamesG33k): Very majestic. There's a lot of great instrument choices here, with a nice blend of strings, brass, and guitars all coming together. A wonderful way to end the album.

As a final (non-fantasy) note, if you liked this, you may be interested in the other Pixel Mixers albums, which can be found here on the official Pixel Mixers website. I've also heard that they may be working on Rayman and Zelda themed albums in te future, so keep a look out for those. Now if you'll excuse me, I really need to go find a Final Fantasy NES cartridge...

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