The Seven Starred Lotus:
Super Mario RPG Mandala by Wanderweird


A few months ago I interviewed an artist named Wanderweird who paints super-awesome video game mandalas (among other things). You may remember that at the end of the interview, he said he was going to begin work on a Super Mario RPG mandala. Now, after a whopping 250+ hours of work by the artist, this amazing mandala is complete! Take a look:

This massive 48x48 inch mandala features every single area, character, boss, and enemy (minus pallette swaps) in the entire game. Like many of the artist's mandalas, this one is also a sort of playable maze. Starting at Mario's Pad, you can make your was through all areas of the game in the order they would be played from the Mushroom Kingdom to Smithy's Factory. If you have a keen eye, you can also find where all 7 stars are hidden throughout the mandala. (The last two can be tricky, try to think about how you obtain them in the game.)

If you're still not convinced at how awesome this mandala is, here are a few close-up pictures to show all the details:

By now, even if you're some crazy person who hates Super Mario RPG, I've surely been able to convince you how epic this piece is. If you have a blank space on your wall, be sure to head over to his website and order a print today! You're helping to support a great artist (with a cool beard), and you get something awesome to hang on your wall! Also be sure to go like his Facebook page if you want to see when he starts a new piece or just talk about art.

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