Why Nintendo Vans Are Awesome


Ever wanted to have Donkey Kong on your backpack? How about original Legend of Zelda sprites on your shoes? Maybe even some Duck Hunt on your hat? Then I have amazing news for you! In case you haven't heard, last month Vans released a new line of products in partnership with Nintendo. Vans is a clothing company famous for their distinct style of skating and slip-on shoes (of which I own quite a few pairs). The line up featured artwork based on several Nintendo games on shoes, shirts, backpacks, and more!

Last week I was at a mall with a Vans store, so out of curiosity I went in to see if they had any of the Nintendo stuff. I was instantly blown away by the amazing displays they had set up (shown below). After I took in all the sights (which took quite a few minutes) I instantly decided to purchase a pair. They were sadly out of stock of all the Zelda stuff, even online, so I instead went with a nice pair featuring various Mario characters on the shoes.

One of the main displays in the store I visited featuring Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, and Super Mario Bros.

If you're not already convinced, I'll back up my claim of Nintendo X Vans being awesome with some more details. All of the shoes feature the words Game and Over (thus spelling Game Over, a common phrase to those of us who play NES games) printed on the bottoms in the standard NES font. As strange as this may sound, the best part in my opinion is the shoe box! The box art is a replica of an actual NES system on all sides, even going so far as too display the ports for the cables, power supply, and controllers on each of the sides.

Left: My new pair of Nintendo Vans in all their glory. I wanted the Zelda ones, but these are still pretty awesome.
Right: The amazing NES shoebox. Look at all those details!

Now that you're convinced (you must be at this point), head out and buy one! Thought the shoes are the focus, there's also quite a few hats, backpacks, and T-shirts to choose from. If the amount of items that are already out of stock are any indication, these are sure to become collecter's items (especially with that shoebox), so don't hesitate!

Left: Duck Hunt socks featuring the signature ducks in all of their various poses.
Right: Black leather The Legend of Zelda shoes (exclusively online) featuring famous characters and quotes from the game.


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