Banjo-Tooie Cheats

In the Rare game Banjo-Tooie, there are many cheat codes. These can be activated by going to Jade Snake Grove in Mayahem Temple then blowing up the doors of the large building with grenade eggs. Inside, stand on the center platform and shoot eggs at the board with letters to input cheats. Finally, activate the cheats via the scroll on the wall on your right.

Here is a list of how to get every cheat in the game, along with secret ones, and their effect.

Note: All of Cheato's codes can alternately be activated by typing cheato then the code backwards. Example:CHEATOSGGE(EGGS)


How to Get



Collect five of Cheato's missing pages and return them to him.

Doubles the amount of feathers you can hold.


Collect 10 of Cheato's missing pages and return them to him.

Doubles the amount of eggs you can hold.


Find 15 of Cheato's missing pages and return them to him.

Makes it impossible for you to lose health from falling.


Find 20 of Cheato's missing pages and return them to him.

Restores lost health over time.


Find all 25 of Cheato's pages and return them to him.

Fixes the jukebox in Jolly's, unlocking a sound test mode.


Find the blue mystery egg behind the waterfall in Spiral Mountain and bring it to Heggy.

Makes all eggs slightly home in on enemies.

All of the following codes must have CHEATO entered before them.


Visit Madame Grunty in Witchy World until she tells you the code.

Makes the signs in Jiggy Wiggy's Temple list how to get all the Jiggys instead of saying "When fortune smiles, the jiggy secrets will be revealed".


Read the signpost on the far right of Jiggy Wiggy's Temple. It says "An egg container followed by Jingaling?". Eggs can be found in nests and Jingaling is a king, so the code is NESTKING.

Gives infinte eggs and feathers. Also, item totals for eggs and feathers are set at "lots" instead of a number.



Gives Banjo infinte health.



Makes Banjo move faster.



Makes enemies move faster.



Unlocks every world.



Unlocks the Character Parade in Cinema without you having to collect all 90 jiggys.



Unlocks every replay, mini-game, and cinema.

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