Fun Facts: Pikmin Stats


Following is table of the weight, height, and carrying capacity of Pikmin. The calculations for carrying capacity were made using the fact that the Doomsday Apparatus, a one kilogram weight found in Pikmin 2, requires 1000 pikmin to carry it. The calculations on weight were made from the fact that Pikmin can carry about 20 times their weight. Finally, I got the height stats from the New Play Control! Pikmin 2 instruction booklet, where scale pictures of the Pikmin are shown.

Average Weight 50 mg
Average Height 0.9 cm
Average Max Carrying Capacity 1 gram
Purple Pikmin Weight 500 mg
Purple Pikmin Height 1.3 cm
White Pikmin Height 0.6 cm
Purple Pikmin Carrying Capacity 10 grams

The Doomsday Apparatus

The chart I used to find Pikmin heights

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