Kirby's Adventure Mandala

Below is a homemade mandala representing the NES game Kirby's Adventure. If you would like to download the image you can right click on it and press Save As, then save the file. You can also click on the picture for a full size image.

The center of the mandala showcases the Dream Spring/Fountain of Dreams.

The next ring contains the first seven levels: Vegetable Valley, Ice Cream Island, Butter Building, Grape Gardens, Yogurt Yard, Orange Ocean, and Rainbow Resort, and their bosses: Whispy Woods, Paint Roller, Mr. Bright and Mr. Shine, Kracko, Heavy Mole, Meta-Knight, and King Dedede.

The outer ring has Kirby using all 24 copy abilities and the Star Rod in alphabetical order. They are as follows: Backdrop, Ball, Beam, Crash, Cutter, Fire, Fireball, Freeze, Hammer, Hi-Jump, Ice, Laser, Light, Mike, Needle, Parasol, Sleep, Spark, Star Rod, Stone, Sword, Throw, Tornado, UFO, and Wheel.

Finally, the corners hold the mid-bosses, again in alphabetical order: Bonkers, Bugzzy, Fire Lion, Grand Wheelie, Mr. Frosty, Mr. Tick Tock, Poppy Bro. Sr., and Rolling Turtle.

Please tell me what you think of my artwork in the comments!

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